Right in My Own Backyard – The square foot layout

It’s Monday May 16; it’s still raining, and according to the long range forecast, we still have a couple more days of it to look forward to.    I got stuck in as soon as the earth was delivered last Tuesday getting the garden remixed and laid out after a quick run to the garden centre to pick up the sheep manure and bone meal, I got my tunes and I got my coffee and I got to work.   I got  finished none too soon either.  I finished it on Friday (May 13) and my Honey was going to put the fence up on Saturday, but working the overnight shift at work all week had him too tired.  He just got the grass cut, laid out some new grass seed in front of the shed, and the rain soon followed.   I only bought 3 bags of sheep manure and worked the garden in thirds.  I think I probably should have doubled up on the manure though because it seemed like I was spreading it kinda thin.  I think I might buy more and go with my  plan to add it in with each
plant as I put them in the ground; it’s not like it’s so expensive.

I’ll tell you though, getting that plot remixed and laid out was one heck of a work out.  I put in six to eight hours each day and I was hurting in places I didn’t even imagine I was using.  I’ll say this:  I’d better end up with buns of steel for the amount of pain I’ve got in my bum.  Sarcastic smile  I think I did a better job of laying down the bricks this year.   Last year I decided I wasn’t a good planner and just laid bricks down pell mell deciding randomly as I went along where to create a section.  This year I planned the garden all out on paper and I pretty well got the bricks down according to plan.   I think I did a pretty good job of it too.  I think I did a better job of keeping the bricks level too; it’s still not perfect though.  I can see where some are higher than others, but it’s still better than last year.  I probably should have used a level and plumb lines, because what looks straight and even when you’re on your knees, is a horse of a totally different garage when you stand up.  Surprised smile  Oh well like I said, it’s better than last year.  

So, I laid everything out according to the square foot principle, not going more than 4’ x 4’.  I’m still a little nervous about planting according to the square foot principle though.  Last year my square foot section didn’t do so well, and I’m hoping that was just because of the earth.  It was so tight in there even with my endless “fluffing” efforts that when I pulled out my carrots, I was left with the carrot tops in my hand, and the carrots were still in the ground!  But, I guess gardening is sort of an "on the job training" type of deal.   I know I can count on getting some green beans and a few tomatoes out of it, and as for the rest, well . . . I don’t mind experimenting and continuing to learn ‘til I get it right. 

I’m planning to head out to Marlin’s Thursday or Friday to get some plants, and hopefully I’ll be planting on Saturday.   I thought
maybe I’d have more cleaning out to do before planting starts, because I was expecting a ton of those maple seeds from the tree next door  to rain down like last year.   There seemed to be very few of them this year though and not only were there a lot less of them, they look a little different too;  reddish in colour and not as dry looking.  Not only that, they came down in little clusters rather than individually.   Speaking of the tree next door, I guess there’s a robin’s nest in it somewhere because I saw a robin’s egg that appeared to have fallen out of it. 

Since my tomatoes are still so tiny, I have to buy plants to be sure Lester gets his cherry tomatoes.  I’m going to try to get the sweet million variety again since they are sooooooo good; like tomato candy.  As for my seedlings, I’m still going to use those in the hanging tomato planters.  It can’t hurt to try it anyway, and this time I’m going with potting soil for the stuff that hangs.   My Aunt will be coming down, so we’re gonna have a barbecue too and maybe a fire later in the evening.    If she brings my cousin with her, maybe I can enlist her to help me with the planting.  Winking smile

So here’s hoping we get the fence up by Friday because I still have to mark off the square foot sections before planting, and I want to make sure that Kiti isn’t able to get in there by the time I get doing that.  She drove me nuts the whole time I was laying the bricks.  Every time I got a section raked over nice and neat, I’d turn around to find dog prints in it.  I’m not ashamed to say I was wishing for the dog zapper more than once.    Anyhow, the next post should see something growing in the garden. 

Weather update:  We just looked at the weather forecast for the upcoming week and it looks like the rain is here right through the weekend.  Friday through Sunday will be scattered showers, so I might be able to sneak some work in during the sunny breaks.  We’ll see.  Fingers crossed 

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  1. Anonymous20/5/11 23:34

    Your blog was good , and i like the pic with coffee and tunes. Yes I do hope to get the fence up tomorrow, A very good job , keep up the good work