Right in My Own Backyard - better late than never

It’s funny how going out to do just one thing can turn into a two hour gardening session.  I went into the garden on Wednesday to pluck a couple of weeds I saw around the tomatoes, and before I knew it, I was weeding and fluffing the whole garden.  I then found myself planting more seeds; which I wasn’t supposed to do until Thursday, but it turned out to be a good thing because it rained all day Thursday.  I ended up replacing the stolen yellow bean seeds and adding the next square in my succession planting.  I also had to replant some carrot spots that didn’t take off.

I got my first true harvest on Friday; eight perfect radishes.  Now, I don’t even like radishes, so don’t ask me why I planted them. 
They are a nice looking plant though, and it turned out that using them in a pasta salad wasn’t half bad.  In fact, they were actually quite tasty.  I served the pasta salad with sausage and found that even without a veggie side it was quite satisfying.  The reason I only had eight of them though was because I didn’t know how many I could plant in a square.  If I had been paying attention, I would have gotten a clue from the beets.  You’re allowed nine beets to a square, so naturally it would follow that I would at least be able to plant that many radishes.  It turns out you’re allowed sixteen radishes to a square.  I probably would’ve come to that conclusion if I hadn’t been so pre occupied with the idea that they grow in clusters.  Yes, I actually thought they grew the way you see them in the store.

Nothing else looks like it’s even close to being ready to pick.  (Note:  I did get some green onions, and a couple of cucumbers during the week that I started this post) The strawberries came in one by one and they’re just about finished.  I’m hoping I can figure out how to get some seeds from these and start my own strawberries next year.  The broccoli, even though it’s only just starting to show, looks very sparse and the one that’s growing in the lettuce patch is starting to bolt (My new gardening word).  I wonder what makes it do that.

I seem to have a few wandering plants in the garden.  That is some plants are growing in places that I didn’t deliberately plant.  So who’s doing the sleepwalking here, me or my seeds?  I saw a broccoli, some radish and what I think is a cantaloupe all out of place.   That’s it for this update.  I’ve already taken the video for the next post, but I can’t say when I’ll get to that.  I was supposed to have had this one done weeks ago, but once I have to stop to do something else, it’s really hard for me to get my groove back. *sigh*  oh well better late than never.

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