Right in My Own Backyard - What’s Going On?

I made a video last week - July 6 - but I’ve been running around too much to get any time to actually sit down and write, and there have been some interesting goings on, so I decided to just go ahead and make a new video.  I had originally thought to just scrap the last video and replace it with the one I did this morning - July 13 - but I may just put both of them up anyway.

At the time of last week’s recording, I had one new cucumber flower in my hanging bucket but since then, a couple of flowers have come and gone.  It looks like I’m on the road to seeing some fruit there.  I had a half chewed strawberry which I guess was Kiti because I saw what looked like great big teeth marks in it, and the sight of that has led me to believe it was she who took the hanging pepper as well.   I still have a couple of strawberries left; one of them red.

In the rest of the garden, my fennel, what’s left of that after Kiti’s last trot through the garden looks okay.  I only have one full looking plant and one little sprout out there, but they look healthy enough.  No real change in the green or yellow beans except the yellow beans are really climbing the poles, and I wonder if I’ll have to extend them.  The cantaloupe seems to be coming along; especially the one plant closest to the east fence (my last hold out).  I’ve seen 3 or 4 flowers come and go from it and I think I’m going to soon add a pole or two.  I’m not really sure how a cantaloupe plant grows, but from the presentation I saw at Toastmasters, I’ll need to stake it and add a make shift hammock for the melon to sit in so that it doesn’t get ground rotten.  The four cantaloupe plants close to the west side of the garden really keep me guessing; one minute they seem to be advancing in growth and then given up on life the next.  I dont know  The melon plant in the square foot garden looks healthy but I haven’t seen much change in it over the last few days.  Oh, and the herb sections look like they’re really kicking in now too.

My in ground peppers are really performing well.  I have two especially good looking plants with big, healthy looking peppers.  Of the tomatoes I have a really good cluster of cherry tomatoes on the biggest plant with the others starting to catch up.  I’m starting to get some hope for the beefsteak; even though there aren’t any flowers yet, I can see that it’s working hard to grow and the leaves all look healthy.  I hate to give up hope on the hanging tomato plants, but they just don’t look all that good.  I see minimal growth, and still no flowers.  I know I just said there aren’t any flowers on the beefsteak, but the hanging plants don’t look that healthy. The one hanging by the shed looks a little better, but still . . .  I don’t really know what to make of them. 

The cucumbers in the garden are moving right along as is the one hanging against the wood fence.  There’s a second hanging cucumber that died though because it was just too close to the fence.  We didn’t really pay attention when we were making holes in the buckets and some of them turned out to be perpendicular to the handles.  So when we hung them up, there’d be one plant touching the fence.   I need to get longer hangers as well to keep the buckets farther out from the wall. 

I’m pretty baffled with a couple of the plants in the square foot garden.  The flower’s on the radish square have reverted to pure white from pink and white, and what looks a lot like bean pods are growing in their place.  Also, the broccoli is getting something bean looking but with “thorns”, and the plant itself looks rather sparse.  I don’t have any experience with either radishes or broccoli, so I have no idea what the natural progression is for these plants.  I guess time will tell if I’m on the right track.   The peas will soon be ready for picking I’m sure.  I’ve tasted some and are they ever sweet.  They’re still quite tiny though.  I’ve also got some good sized green beans growing in the square foot garden, but still not ready to pick yet. 

I still haven’t planted anything in my empty squares or the empty spaces in the rest of the garden;  I don’t know now if I even have time to grow anything there.  Then again, it might be beneficial to leave them empty this year and use it next year when I rotate everything.   And that wraps up the garden report for now.

July 22 2010
I was so close to having this posted last week, and I had to ditch it for other obligations.   All I had left was to process the videos and add them.  There’s just too much going on right now to keep up with the blog, so forgive me if the posts get few and far between.  There have been some notable changes that I’ll talk about in the next post, and as promised in previous posts, I did get a chance to make a night video to show off my garden lights.  I’m not sure yet if I’ll put it in with the other two videos here or wait and add it to the next one.  I’ll decide while I’m processing them. 

Thanks for your patience.


Video of July 6 2010

Video of July 13 2020

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    Very good job, and the videos are real good,,,,,Lester..xoxo