Right in My Own Backyard - The Square Foot Garden is Coming Together

Well I've gotten a few more things done over the last couple of days.  We went to Home Depot and got the fence.  It seems to be sufficient to keep Kiti out, but I don't know yet how much of a deterrent it'll be for the neighbor's cat.  He might just go ahead and jump it.  If that's the case, then other measures will have to be taken.

Yesterday, I did most of the planting in the 4' x 4' section.  The chart shows how I have it laid out so far. The key at the top clearly describes what I have planted, and the multiplier numbers represent how many plants will grow from each square foot.  It seems pretty incredible to me that I can get 9 bean plants or 16 onion plants in one square foot, but that's what they say.   I was supposed to put in some beets, but I couldn't get seeds anywhere. . .well, anywhere I had been anyway.   I have one empty square left though in case I find some.  I changed my mind about the lettuce though.    I was going to start my strawberry planter, but my "kit" turned out to be just a bag.  I knew I had to add my own dirt, but I thought there were seeds included; apparently not.  So now I gotta find some strawberry plants.

So now I've got to figure out how I'm going to plant the rest of it.  The next thing I'm going to do is lay out the bricks around what I've planted so far, and then I guess I'll pretty much do things in "patches"  A potato patch, a green bean patch etc.  My Honey wants me to put in some yellow beans - yuck!  I was going to put the potatoes in the four - by - four, but then I remembered how hard it was to keep the plants contained last year.  They'll need a trellis, so I'll keep them well separated.  I'm still going to add a couple tomato and cucumber plants in case the topsy turvy experiment doesn't work.

Oh, and we got new solar lights.  3 of the 4 globes we had last year were broken, so we replaced them with get this:  a butterfly, a dragonfly and a humming bird.  They do change color, but now the globe looks a little out of place.  Last year when I tried to get pictures of how the light color changes, I got some neat effects, but not what I wanted.  This year, I'll try it on the tripod because apparently, I wasn't steady enough to capture the effect properly.  I'll also try video; that might work out better.

My layout chart is kind of blurry, so here is the key:

B= Beans x 9  BR =  Broccoli x 1  P = Peas x 9  C = Cantaloupe x 1 PE = Peppers x 1  S = Spinach x 1
R = Radishes x 16 PO = Potatoes x 4  L = Letuce x 4  O = Onions x 16 T =  Turnips x 9  BE = Beets x 9
garden layout drawing
The Layout So Far

tomatoes started in boxes
Tomatoes started in boxes
new fencing along north west and south sides of plot
New fencing along north
west and south sides
humming bird solar garden light
Humming bird Solar light

butterfly solar garden light
Butterfly Solar light
dragonfly solar garden light
Dragonfly solar light

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  1. Anonymous24/5/10 10:10

    doing a real good job. keep up the good work.....Lester