Right in My Own Backyard - Square Foot Gardening Setup

Yesterday it was around 23º ☼, so I finished raking over the garden and made a final decision about how much of it I'm going to use for the square foot gardening experiment.  Since I'm kinda breaking the rules ;-), I'm only going to use one 4' x 4' patch for square foot gardening, and the rest I'll do in traditional rows. . .kinda.

my dog Kiti
I got the 4' x 4' mapped out and sectioned of into 16 square feet using tent pegs and kitchen twine.  I have bricks all around the perimeter of the plot, and I'll be using bricks as my dividers throughout.  I wanted to plant some things yesterday too, but I decided to wait until we get the fencing in to keep Miss Kiti from digging it up and burying her bones in there.  I did start some seeds though in the starter kit:  cucumbers, beefsteak tomato, bell pepper, and cherry tomato.  If need be, I'll go Marlin's and get some plants.  The stuff in the starter kit won't be part of the garden plot though; that's all going in the buckets for the upside down planting experiment.  Phew!  that's a lot of experimenting for one garden.

Seeds started for
upside down planting
Just some tent pegs and kitchen string
Just some tent pegs and kitchen string

north end of garden marked in a 4' x 4' square
4' x 4' at the north end

16 1' x 1' squares
16 1' x 1' squares

My Daughter has caught the gardening bug herself and has started working on a small patch in her own backyard.

my daughter works to get the rocks out of her garden
I guess she worked all day
getting the rocks out

leftover rhubarb from the previous owners grows with no help at all
Leftover rhubarb from the previous
owners grows with no help at all

a shot from my daughter's deck
A shot from my Daughter's deck
cedar trees line the back end of my daughter's garden
She has some beautiful cedar trees
at the back end

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