Right in My Own Backyard - Prep Work

This morning I came downstairs to quite a surprise.   3 of my cantaloupe seedlings looked like they dropped from heart attacks.  I don’t know what happened because they looked fine when I went to bed yesterday night.  I was just getting used to the idea that I might have to buy tomato plants after all because they seem to be going bit by bit, and two of my pots of broccoli have given up the ghost too.  Can this be damping off?  The cantaloupe doesn’t actually look dead though, so I’m hoping a rescue pot will do the trick.  I’ve got some more of those peat pots, so I’ll be taking care of that today.    I don’t know if maybe I started putting them outside too soon.  I wasn’t going to start hardening off until the end of this month, but I didn’t see the harm since the temperature had been so warm.  I didn’t put them out yesterday because of the rain though, nor will I today.  On a happier note, the red peppers seem to be perking up well and I think I see something starting in the green pepper sections. 

It was so nice on Saturday I was able to get my first garden work out, and I have the video to prove it.   My Honey got all the stakes driven for the fencing we’re going to be putting up.  He’s anxious to actually put up the fence up, but I would like to wait until I’m done all of the prep work because there’s a lot of stepping inside and out of the garden; the fence would just get in the way.   I got the ground turned and raked over with the help of my new  fork that I picked up at Home Hardware, and I picked up all the bricks along the east fence.   I found that it actually worked
better than the spade because the fork starts breaking up the dirt on the way down, and that made the turning a lot easier; it made the raking afterward a lot easier too for that matter.  There’s still some leaves laying around, but I won’t worry too much about that because we’re going to get the landscapers in with some black earth.  My Honey says I’m supposed to ask for a “yard”;  I have no clue what that is.  Anyway, I’m hoping that it’ll go a long way toward bettering the growth of my garden this year.

I’m not looking forward to the maple seeds that are yet to come blowing over from next door.  They’re such a nuisance to clean up and you never really get them all either.  Most of the weeding I did last season was picking out maple seedlings.  If I was planning to go into the maple sugar business, I was sure off to a good start.  between leaves, seeds, and tree roots it seems most of my hard work is picking up after two trees that belong to someone else.

I also planted another box of seeds, so now I’ve added rosemary, chervil, summer savory, and oregano to the mix.  I was supposed to have mint too, but nobody seems to have any.  I guess I’ll have to wait ‘til the garden centres are open.  I’ve got the lavender seeds, but I’m not sure where I’m going to put it yet.  I may just use the planter boxes for that.

Weather wise, the weekend was really nice and sunny, although Sunday was a little breezy and felt quite a bit cooler than the 11° indicated on the thermometer.  Yesterday and again today  we had rain.  It’s just before 11h00 in the morning though, and I understand we’re supposed to get some snow later today.  

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Looking for info on damping off I found this article.  Who knew you could sterilize potting mix in the oven?  I guess I better watch how much I water too.  

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  1. Anonymous6/4/11 22:05

    You did a real good job on the video , keep up the good work