Right in My Own Backyard – Everybody into the pool!

The last few days have brought quite a bit of rain.  You should see the garden . . . well . . . you will do when I get the video up.   So, April showers bring May flowers, eh?  All I can say is they bloody well better bring the vegetables too.  This is crazy! It’s not like this every year . . . is it?  I can’t remember it being like this.   It rained again today, and we even had a bit of hail.   As you’ll hear in the video, the wind was kicking up pretty good too; it was so strong that it sounded as if someone was trying to break down the kitchen door.

There’s still not really anything significant to report.  I wrote in the last post about starting to replace some of the seeds in an attempt to bring back the lost seedlings; namely the tomatoes, broccoli and cantaloupe.  At the time though, I didn’t have anymore beefsteaks.  I have since bought some new seeds to replace the beefsteaks, and planted them a couple of days ago.   There were no beefsteaks, so I had to take a variety called Brandywine Reds. 

I had a couple of cantaloupe seedlings that looked like they might make it through, but no go; they’ve all gone.  Of the new stuff I had planted, the tomatoes and broccoli have come up well, but nothing in the cantaloupe pots, although the cantaloupe is a bit newer, so I guess it’ll be a little while before I see them sprout.  The tomatoes are up pretty high considering 3 or 4 days ago there was nothing.  The new broccoli has gotten kinda tall too and there are still two seedlings from the original planting that are hanging on for dear life. 

The planter boxes at Mum’s are well except for the rosemary.  I’ve had herbs growing in the house several times over the years, and I’ve never had good luck with rosemary or thyme.   I have to say, the potting soil I bought this year was really crappy.  There’s all sorts of twigs (practically tree trunks) and all kinds of rocks and other cruddy looking stuff.  You really don’t know what you’re buying ‘til you open the bag.  All I can say is stay away from a brand called Home Gardener in a purple and white bag.
Backyard ashtray for dear MIL

As a side note:  My backyard ashtray went over so well with my Honey’s Mom, I made another one to give to her. 

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