Right in My Own Backyard - Death and Destruction.

No video this time.  I haven’t done anything in the garden since I turned and raked over the dirt.  I thought the landscaper was going to open last week, but I guess they’re still setting everything up.  I’ve noticed that they’ve started bagging up some of the earth and stuff, so I guess it won’t be too much longer now.  I know my Honey will be glad when the fence finally goes up, so I hope I can get it all done soon. 

On the weather front the temps have been up and down.  It rained yesterday afternoon and this morning we had a doozie of a thunder storm.  Then later on the wind kicked into high gear, so this morning we got the wash and then this afternoon we got the blow dry.  It was pretty warm and muggy too.   It’s still 14° now as I write this and it’s practically 22h30.  I think it got up to 20° today, and we’re looking to have highs of 9° to 12° the rest of the week though it’s still gonna dip down to negative numbers over night Thursday and Friday.  Seems like planting weather is never coming.

As for my seedlings, I have mostly bad news there.  Most of the broccoli is gone and I don’t have any tomatoes left at all.  One of the broccoli pots had something fuzzy growing on the outside too I noticed.  And the cantaloupe had started to fall over, so a few days ago I replanted that into peat pots, but it wasn’t long after that it started to die off.    At the same time I planted new broccoli and tomato seeds, but I didn’t have too many tumblers and no beefsteaks left.  I guess I’m gonna have to buy  more plants than I would have liked to plant in the garden.  I did learn something about sterilizing my potting soil though, so I’ll bear that in mind for next time.  I also got rid of my dead cantaloupe tonight and planted some new seeds. 

On a good note, my bell pepper seedlings are looking good, and Mum reports that my planter boxes have something in each section except for the rosemary.  I think I mentioned in the last post that I planted a second box of herbs.  Mum is pleased that she is taking good care of my herbs even though hers all died.   She said she was nervous that she wasn’t doing something right with mine too until she saw them all sprouting.  Oh yeah, my Mother told me that bell peppers are all the same; apparently, the colour depends on how long you leave it on the vine.   They all start out green then go to yellow, then to orange, then to red.  The more I think about it, the more that sounds familiar; she may have even told me that last year and I just forgot.

I also have a backyard craft to show you.  I painted a galvanized bucket that I got from the dollar store for my Honey to use as an ashtray.  Now we can trash that nasty coffee container he was using before.  All I did was base coat the bucket a dark brown and then painted some daisies.  It will look a lot tidier than the coffee container . . . well . . . as tidy as a bucket of cigarette butts can look I guess. 

So I guess that’s all to report for now.  I’ll just throw some pics of the seedlings in  and hopefully I’ll have something to videotape in the next post.

Planter Boxes April 8_1Planter Boxes April 8Bell Peppers April 7_1Bell Peppers April 11Replanted Cantaloupe April 7_1Cantaloupe April 9Cantaloupe April 9_1Cantaloupe April 9_2Cantaloupe April 11_2Cantaloupe April 11_4Dead Tomatoes April 7
Cantaloupe April 11
Cantaloupe April 11_3
Cantaloupe April 11_1
Cantaloupe April 11_5

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  1. Anonymous12/4/11 15:47

    Doing a good job........the pail look great