Right in My Own Backyard - Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers

Well, it ended up coming down pretty good yesterday evening, Umbrella so again, I didn’t have to water the garden.  I really haven’t had to get the hose out too much since I started my garden.  Watering isn’t my favourite part of the gardening process, so you won’t hear me complaining about the rain.

So far the only thing that’s starting to gain fruit are the peppers. ** It looks like I’ll have quite a few peppers this year, as each of the plants has multiple peppers and flowers on them.  I’m really quite happy about the pepper progress.  I was kinda getting worried about them a few days ago because of all the dead leaves around the bottom.  I wonder if my picking them off helped them to start producing.  The one showing the best though is the one that’s in the hanging bucket next to the strawberry plant.  I was surprised by that, as it seemed it was the one that had the least activity as far as anything budding on it went.   I’m not sure if the strawberry flowers are now becoming strawberries or if they’re just dying. 

It looks like I’ll have to replant the green beans.  Ever since planting, I’ve been finding them around the garden and sticking them back in the ground, but I suspect they’ve been stolen again.  The same thing happened last year too, and  I had to redo the whole green bean section a second time.  Maybe I’m not planting them deep enough.    Or maybe I should have stuck the wind chime right in the bean patch.  I didn't find that hanging the pie plates was really all that helpful last year.

Except for one of the cherry varieties, the tomato plants are pretty unremarkable.  I don’t expect much from the one that initially got torn up at planting, but I don’t know what’s wrong with the beefsteak.  Last year too we only got a couple of the beef steaks while the cherry tomatoes, although slow to start, came in like gangbusters once they got going.   And I noticed quite a bit of dead leaves and stems toward the bottom of all the tomato plants.  I don’t know if maybe my soil isn’t really conducive to the beefsteaks.  I had been complaining about how easily it packs up tight, and my Son seems to think it’s because I have too much of a sandy quality to my dirt.  On closer inspection it does look rather sandy.  It dries up in clumps too almost like rocks.  And maybe that’s why everything in my garden seems to take so long to get going.  I did mix in several bags of black earth and a couple of bags of sheep manure at the end of last season to sit over the winter, but maybe that wasn’t enough.  I dont know  It also occurs to me that the leaf colour on a couple of the plants is different than it was last year.  I’m noticing that the two tomato plants in the buckets are quite dark and have an almost purplish look to them.  

As I uploaded the video for this post to Youtube, I saw a fellow gardener's video talking about the top leaves of her cherry tomatoes curling, so I had to go have a closer look at mine too.  I see that one of my cherry tomatoes also has a bit of leaf curl, though not to the extent of garden california’s.  Of course while I was out there, I had to feed my need to “fluff”, and I found that I do indeed have a few more green bean plants coming up; looks like 6 altogether.  I guess reburying the seeds that got scattered around didn’t do them any harm.   I did some light fluffing in the herb sections too and I do believe they are starting to take off nicely.  I had to be really careful though, as the herbs are still so tiny and delicate I didn’t want to disturb them too much.  Oh, and I did notice there are a few sprouts in the fennel patch.  Hopefully, it’s actually fennell.

I’m gonna have to get out there and make a night video.  My Honey won a butterfly solar light at his golf tournament this past Saturday, and I’m telling you, it’s quite the light show out there at night.   Maybe at our next fire I’ll do a quickie.

** The pics show I actually have a couple of cherry tomatoes coming.  

two new cherry tomatoes

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