Right in My Own Backyard - Yellow Beans Added

We had quite a bit of rain over the weekend.   Most of the day Saturday and all day Sunday.  I’m not complaining though; not in the least.  The way I see it I don’t really care much for watering the garden, so I really appreciate God picking up the slack for me.  We had a break Saturday starting in the afternoon.  I decided to have an impromptu gardening session that evening, and I started a new row of planting.  I put in about a half a row of yellow beans – yuck! Sick  Those are for my Honey not me -  and when they start to sprout, I’ll plant the other half.   I added a few new cantaloupe seeds in the cantaloupe mounds and in one of the cantaloupe squares.  I also started a new row of bricks, but I ran out, so back to Mum’s to get more.  That might not be for a few days though, because tonight I’ve got a Toastmasters meeting and tomorrow I’ve got an extraction.  Nailbiting

I decided to empty the strawberry bag, as 2 of the plants died.  I put the remaining plant into a bucket and hung it on a free standing plant hanger along with a pepper plant.  So far, what I have in the buckets look like they’re doing alright.  I haven’t seen any spectacular growth or anything, but they’re not dying either.   I read on Square Foot Garden Gal’s blog that she was able to snag some strawberry plants at Canadian Tire for 1.49$ each! At wits end I paid nearly 4$ each for mine (At Canadian Tire)  Anyway, I’m going back to see if maybe they’re trying to clear them out for less.

hand weeder
My new handy dandy weeder
I got myself a new weeder today.  A lot of the maple seeds from the tree next door have taken root, and I didn’t have anything small enough to get into the square foot patch, so I got this neat little tool at Walmart for less than 3$.  It works great, and it’s the cutest little thing; it reminds me of a fish fork or something.  Even the little cultivator I bought last year was too big; everything in the square foot section is so close together that I couldn’t manoeuvre it around the plants.   And for the first time since planting, I was able to fluff up the dirt in some of the squares.  I don’t know what it is, but I have this obsession with keeping the dirt all light and fluffy.  I couldn’t find     exactly the same thing at the Walmart's online garden centre, but they have a pretty nice 3 tool set iconthat has something in it that’s very similar to the one I got, and I think they’ll ship it free to your local Walmart if they don’t already have it.  If you need to get around really tight spots around your plants, it’s just the thing to have.  Of course, if I had started with Mel’s mix, I wouldn’t have weeds in the first place.  Oh well.

Oh and I got a nice wire basket that I’ll be keeping my herbs in.  Walmart had it for 6.95$.  That’s the best price I’ve seen so far.  They’re 12.95 at Marlin’s Orchard and a whopping 17.95$ at Canadian Tire.  It’ll be nice to be able to bring the herbs in at the end of the season this year.  Last year I had them in the long planter boxes and since we don’t have much room in the house, I had to toss them.  We actually burned them in the fire pit.  It did make the  air smell nice though.

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