Right in My Own Backyard - Someone’s Been Eating My Porridge

I've added more bricks to the design and put a few more plants in.  I don't know what's getting in there, but right from the off, something has been enjoying the fruits of my labour even before there’s any fruit!  One tomato and one cucumber top were first to go.  Now I’m noticing the cantaloupe leaves are quietly disappearing.  I suspect it’s birds.  Whatever it is seems to really go for the cantaloupe though.  It seems I'm missing a new leaf every time I go out there.  I have no problem with wildlife welfare, but for crying out lout, at least give me a chance to get something going here.

Over the last few days,  I was out there a couple of times making changes, and I made a video each time.  I was planning to post after each one, but I think I'll just do the one post and include both videos. 

3 tomato plants hanging upsidedown in a bucket
3 tomato plants
Now, I've realized something very important about myself through this whole gardening thing:  I'm not a good planner.  Crying  At the beginning of this project, I drew out a chart with every intention of planning the whole thing out before so much as even one seed or one plant got put in the ground.  I just sat there stumped in front of the paper.  Have you ever heard Fred Flintstone say, "Details, details.  Don't bother me with details."?  Well that's me.  I'm more the, "let's put this here and see if I like it" kind of person;  plan as I go.  Then, whatever I decide I'm happy with at the site will go on the chart.  I finally got some plants into my "topsy turvy" buckets.  None of my seeds grew, so I put store bought tomato and pepper plants in them.  It wasn't as easy as it looked, but I suppose for my first time, it's not too shabby. 

The garden layout as it stands now.  Bear in mind that this is only rough and in no way to scale.

Garden Layout May 31 2010

P.S. As of 17h30 today, the last leaf was eaten off my stand alone cantaloupe plant.  All that’s left is the stem.  I’m not touching it though, just in case it still grows.

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  1. Anonymous5/6/10 10:14

    You are doing areal good job...love you....Lester